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Mediation allows you to save time and money on legal fees, while you avoid the risks of trial, protect your confidentiality, and minimize conflict.
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Is mediation a better option for your dispute?

Mediation is a process that allows all parties to work together, facilitated by a neutral third-party, known as a mediator. The mediator works to develop an agreement that leaves everyone involved feeling satisfied and in control.
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Save Cost, Time, and Stress

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Private and Confidential

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Voluntary and Informal

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Co-Parenting Planning

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The Parties Control the Outcome

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How We Can Help You


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About Melynda Gulley Bracken

Melynda Gulley Bracken is a highly experienced mediator with a proven track record in assisting couples through the divorce process. She has more than 20 years of experience in mediation (divorce, parenting plans, parenting plan modifications and possession schedules, and property division) in San Antonio, Texas.

Divorce is worthy of great sadness.

However, I have learned through experience, that if one party wants to leave, the graciousness and acceptance given to that person will go far to heal any real or perceived wounds. I love the way we help couples divorce because it does not tear down the bridge between them and at some later time, it is possible to walk back over it.

Melynda Gulley Bracken

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Divorce & Family Mediations San Antonio

Frequently asked Questions

An impartial person, the mediator, facilitates communication between the couple, assisting them in developing an agreement on all issues related to the divorce. The mediator does not impose his or her judgment on those issues.

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Mediation usually requires about six months, but it may take more or less since every divorce is unique. Divorce & Family Mediations wants you to be comfortable with the decisions you make and give you enough time to be sure that your choices fit with your goals.

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We offer counseling, mediation, and legal assistance to families going through the conclusion of a marriage. The result is a legally binding Mediated Settlement Agreement which is filed with the court at the end of the Divorce & Family Mediations process. 

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We charge a one-time fee for the entire process instead of creating billable hours that may go on until you and your finances are exhausted. 

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Divorce & Family Mediations recommends that you hire an attorney to file your paperwork with the court. We can refer you to attorneys who will honor the agreements you have created, but attorney’s fees are not included in our process. 

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Counseling can help you with the emotions that naturally surround a marriage’s breakup and the changes in your lives. Our counselors help you make this transition as constructive as possible for everyone involved. For parents, co-parenting counseling is included.

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