Divorce Mediation

Working together to find equitable solutions

If You’re Considering Divorce

Divorce & Family Mediations knows the financial and emotional hardships that come with a litigated divorce. We are here to help you take control of your future and avoid the emotionally and financially exhaustive process that so many go through at the end of a marriage. Our goal is to assist you in creating a Mediated Settlement Agreement.

A Mediated Settlement Agreement:

  • Helps reduce expenses of the divorce process
  • Gives you control over your divorce timeline
  • Nurtures constructive relationships and a path towards a healthier future
  • Allows you to thoroughly understand the agreement you make with your spouse because you have been in command
The Mediated Settlement Agreement you create with Divorce & Family Mediations is as binding as any contract once signed by both parties. You and your spouse can have confidence that the choices you make for your family will be honored by the Courts.
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Why You Should Choose Divorce & Family Mediations

A non-adversarial divorce

A mediated divorce through Divorce & Family Mediations will provide you with the guidance, assistance, and tools to co-parent your children, divide property and cope with the emotions involved when unwinding your marriage.

On the other hand, a litigated divorce requires both parties to hire lawyers, creating unnecessary financial expense and unresolved, combative feelings.

See the difference (in the chart below) between a litigated divorce and the Divorce and Family Mediations process.

Asset protection

In a litigated divorce, an unnecessary part of the marital finances is redirected to legal expenses. Divorce & Family Mediations focuses on preserving a working relationship with your partner, making sure you both get to keep your assets and save thousands of dollars.

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A positive co-parenting foundation

Protecting your children from parental conflict during and after your divorce can make a huge difference in your children’s emotional and social development. We aim to help you create a plan that will make the process easier for them now and in the future.

The counselors at Divorce & Family Mediations provide an opportunity for parents to address difficult emotions while learning communication skills necessary for becoming engaged and cooperative co-parents. By allowing parents to learn and practice their new skills in a safe and confidential setting, each parent will have the space to maneuver the emotional difficulties of their new roles. Being great co-parents creates a healthy environment for the children and is the goal of everyone on our team.

Infographic, Text: Litigation vs Mediation

There are Real Advantages to Mediation Over Traditional Divorce

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Together, we can build a solution based on what works best for your family.

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