Getting a Divorce

Working together to find equitable solutions

When Divorce is the Solution

With or without children, divorce is difficult. Divorce and Family Mediations assists you in preserving your financial resources while saving valuable time.

When your divorce involves children, we work to educate you to help ensure their well-being during and after the process. We also help both parties develop co-parenting skills that allow you to parent amicably with someone you don’t live with.

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Negotiating a Divorce Agreement

When making life-impacting decisions, here are topics that often come up for negotiation.
We’ll help you navigate decisions regarding:
When making life-impacting decisions, here are topics that often come up for negotiation. We’ll help you navigate decisions regarding:

Kids do better in divorce with
Mediation and Counseling

Divorce is difficult for adults, but it can be even more challenging for children.

Our mediation process offers a safe place with professional support and resources for couples and their children to work through the difficult emotions that accompany a divorce.

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Giving parents the tools and training to create a plan together for their children’s future will solidify an understanding of what is expected of them as divorced co-parents while they work on unwinding their marriage. Because of the control we give to parents, during this process their plan can easily be adjusted if necessary, tending to their family’s unique relationships and dynamics. Parents who work together through the divorce help reaffirm their love and commitment to being part of their children’s lives.

Our mediator will assist you in guarding your relationships during the negotiation process. The process we have designed allows for you, as a couple, to work towards divorce at your own pace. If you, as you negotiate your final agreement, decide you want to change directions or slow down, we are also able to provide you with the time and resources you need to re-evaluate your divorce. If you have questions, please contact us directly at 210-828-9162.

Meeting the Unique Needs of Your Faith

Most faithbased marriages discourage divorce and encourage reconciliation. Thus, making a choice to end a covenant relationship is not a minor decision.   

Each person has a unique relationship with God. It is our belief at Divorce and Family Mediations that as a person of faithdivorce is a personal decision made between yourself and your God. When you choose to engage Divorce and Family Mediations to help you unwind your marriage, be assured we are sensitive to the emotions and ambiguities that surround such a decision. Our mediator and counselor will give each spouse the space and time they need to work out the emotions encountered. It is our belief that the graciousness and acceptance of each spouse toward one another will help begin the healing process and can reorganize the relationship in a way that builds a bridge rather than a wall.   

Divorce is not the end of a relationship but a restructuring of a continuing relationship.

- Patrick Parkinson, Family Law and the Indissolubility of Parenthood

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